turboshitnerd: ok, but like... dont blame us if you literally die someday because you stick random shit in your mouth

i won’t be blaming anyone ill be dead

> tfw ur sad to shower bcause u feel like ur washing off cute boy kisses & cuddles


reblog if ur gay and up to no good

> tfw Katies already teasing u abt cute boy and she hasnt even read ur tumblr posts


the only card i will ever send

using all capital letters on the internet doesnt make you any more right

im really not sure why i resisted diagnoses so hrd as a kid tbh im on the spectrum fr a lot of things but im cl w just living my life & not wrryin much



american kestrel

(photos by david g hemmings)

Stunning photos! Adult male American kestrel

Allistics: use ur words!!!1!
Autistic person: that thing that you are doing/sound that you are making/etc is causing me a lot of pain right now please can you stop
Allistics: what??? No u just need to suck it up this doesn't bother normal people stop whining so much
Autistic person: *attempts to suck it up*
Allistics: omg what is wrong with you I can tell you're extremely uncomfortable but instead of considering that you could be in pain I'm going to assume that you're just angry and aggressive, if it makes u so *angry* just leave the room gosh
Autistic person: *attempts to leave*
Allistics: what are you storming off for, what is your problem??? Why can't you just be pleasant and polite about leaving even though you're in a lot of pain and very overwhelmed and adhering to our arbitrary standard of what it means to be "pleasant" takes a lot of energy for you as it is
Allistics: autistic ppl have no empathy lol



draw me things

i dont care if its fart gas, i wanna see draws

I love how willing to learn a lot of non-sj educated people are at CTY too like

Neil and ash and I were talking about how sex was a social construct and someone asked really politely what we meant and I explained and a couple people came away from the conversation with a better understanding of things and that made me really happy  ? ?

bloby you suck